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HanLin Farm Miniatures - AMHA/AMHR

e-mail - Linda and Peter Spahr -

Tofield, Alberta.   Phone: 780-662-0178

  HanLin Farm is a 160 acre hobby farm in North Central Alberta, near Edmonton.  Our miniature horses are our family and we take great pride in owning and breeding healthy miniature horses that are sound, colorful and elegant with show-stopping movement and intelligent expression.  We have incorporated many of the top breeding foundation bloodlines that give us great depth of pedigree and a knowledge of what we can expect in our foals. We do not concentrate on breeding for color only as conformation is our priority and color is a bonus. Our stallions reflect the depth of beauty, pedigree and kind nature that we require of all our horses.  Pictured here is our beautiful "Libertymere Legacys King Galahad".  Web site -



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