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Breeder Alert  Halter Foaling Monitor was developed in 1979, to alert the foaling attendant of an impending birth to assist the foal and/or mare if necessary. Most deliveries proceed normally without complications. However, you never know when a problem may arise. It may be a simple task of breaking the sack to save the life of a foal or having time to summon a veterinarian if needed. Most expectant mares will lie flat out before and during the foaling process. The majority of mares foal at night and breeders can spend many long sleepless nights watching and waiting for a foal to arrive. The best safeguard against losing a foal, and possibly a broodmare, is to have someone present. As the owner of an expectant mare, you go to great lengths to ensure a smooth and successful delivery. Helping your mare bring a new life into the world comes with responsibilities, including proper veterinary care, nutrition, and planning. With the aid of Breeder Alert  Foaling Alarm you will be alerted when your mare is flat out in the foaling position and be ready to monitor and assist in the birthing process if necessary.  Your investment in mare and foal is too great to leave a safe foaling to chance. Attach a Breeder Alert and get a good night's sleep!   web site at -


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