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Armour Companies - No Rust Miniature Horse Stalls

e-mail - Armour Companies - No Rust Miniature Horse Stalls - info@armourgates.com 

1370 Saratoga Street, Deland, FL 32724      Phone: 800-876-7706

We are the original manufacturer of aluminum no rust horse stalls and products and specialize in miniature horse stalls and custom size stall components.  Be sure to "LIKE US" on Facebook at Armour Companies.  We are not limited to stalls...we also manufacture dutch doors, barn windows, shutters and doors, various types of gates for home, farm, pet and livestock, barn signage and MORE!  Be sure to check it all out on our web site - http://www.armourgates.com/


Hay Pillow Inc.

e-mail - Hay Pillow Inc. - info@thehaypillow.com

Ramona, CA     Phone: 1-888-489-0022

Hay Pillow Inc. is proud to offer the Mini Hay Pillow™ designed especially for miniature horses and ponies. It is the most effective, versatile, easy to use high quality slow feeding hay bag on the market. The Mini Hay Pillow™ allows your equine to eat from a natural grazing position on the ground or can be hung for use in a stall or horse trailer. Proudly made in the USA.  A slow feeding system that provides a steady yet controlled supply of hay to your equine lasting several hours or all day and night. Slow feeding makes for a happier, healthier and more content companion. Why a slow feed system for your equine?  Reduces the risk of ulcers, increased digestion, minimize or alleviates boredom, increased chew time, little to no wasted hay, and weight management. 3 or more US patents pending. Visit our website today! http://thehaypillow.com/



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