Lil Beginnings site wide Forum Etiquette & Rules
New members please read.

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perhaps it is time you review our LB and Miniature Horse Talk Forum Etiquette and Rules

 Follow the Golden Rule. 
Do not be rude to other members or moderators. Treat others how you would like to be treated. We are a friendly family type community and we do not tolerate negative comments directed from or at Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse & Pony forum members or staff. You are always free to express your opinion, it just has to be done in a kind way! We do try not to "censor" members' beliefs or prevent them from expressing their opinions. What we always try to do, however, is remove comments that "we" think are mean-spirited, overly negative, or dripping with sarcasm.

FAMILY FORUMS - Please remember, this web site is family oriented, and must be a safe, educational environment for visitors of ALL ages.  Please keep it clean, and "G" rated. Keep in mind we cater to youth members here on our forums. No profanities in typed words, or images will be tolerated. The Back Yard forum is closed to Youth members.

Some common sense rules - These can be added to at any time.
No unlawful or harassing or abusive materials.
No distribution or use of any threatening, obscene or vulgar material of any kind.
No hateful or racially, sexually or ethnically objectionable material.
No material that may infringe on any intellectual property rights, copyright. 
Never re-post something a moderator has deleted.

Posts or images that, in the judgment of a moderator or administrator, are specifically intended to provoke emotional responses or personal attacks from other posters, rather than civil discussion, will be considered flamebaiting.

Respect your fellow members. Different posters will express different opinions, and while they may differ from yours, everyone is entitled to express theirs freely. Don't use your posting privilege to continually disagree with another member, use it to state your own point of view. If editing is allowed on the forum do not make a habit of going back and changing your post, if you do not stand by your opinion then do not post it at all. Editing posts makes conversation very hard to read and understand and if you were nasty to someone it is very likely we saw it anyway. Whether blatant or covert, we will not tolerate rudeness, insults or personal attacks. Do not disrespect, taunt, bother, bug or flame anyone, either on the forum or via private messages or email. If you fail to respect any of your fellow members and insist on rudeness, insults, or personal attacks, you will receive a warning and your posts will be heavily moderated for a period of time.

Sometimes people can write something that you may find offensive. Before launching into a public condemnation though, please consider that the person may not have intended to cause offense. It is very easy to misinterpret a post on forums. There is absolutely no need to resort to insults. Respect others' views even if you disagree with them. Use the emoticons (smilies) in your messages so people will know the tone of your post. If the post is totally offensive use the report button! We will remove any and all offensive content.

Ignore bothersome members -  If there is someone on the forum that bothers "you", set your manage ignore preferences in your own account to ignore the users posts.

The use of internet shorthand, slang or "text speak" on the forums is not permitted, nor is typing in ALL CAPS -which signifies SHOUTING.

PERSONAL ATTACKS & DISPUTES - Please do not use these forums for personal disputes, flame wars etc. You are expected to treat each other with respect in the forums and take any personal disputes to a private mode of discussion off the forums.  There is a difference between a “personal attack” and publicly providing constructive criticism to a public body, which, as a member of the public you are within your right to do.

Multiple registrations are prohibited.  Double logins (multiple accounts) are prohibited. To ensure enforceability of this rule, using anonymous proxies to access and post on the forum is prohibited.

Report posts that you believe violates the rules. -  Do this by selecting the Report button at bottom corner of the post.

Active links within posts. - This is strictly enforced. If you feel the address you'd like to post follows the rules and  is informational and/or contributes to the conversation at hand you may add it.
Links you MAY post:
Articles and/or News about Miniature horses or ponies from the following sources.
Articles and or News from any of the Mini Horse or pony registries, sanctioned registry clubs/open groups, or National Network News or your local News is acceptable. Posting health and training articles that are on Miniature Ventures, IAM Ranch, and Scott Creek Miniature Horse Farms Websites are also allowed.

Requests for tack or requests for farm recommendations.:
For advise on finding and recommending certain Miniature Horse or pony items or farms that people are looking for/requesting,  It is the many Miniature Horse Tack suppliers and Farms/Ranches that SUPPORT this web site that may have what you/they are looking for, so please suggest one of the Miniature Horse Tack suppliers or Farm/Ranches from the tack stores or farm members list.
 In regard to replying to recommendation requests within topics and posts:
Links to tack suppliers who cater strictly to the Miniature Horse and Pony community or farms who are NOT Small Horse Connect members will be removed.  *note: If the conversation is asking for tack store recommendations and the store you use is not specifically Mini or Pony related you may list it <== example:  Jeffers,Valley Vet, etc.
Members who have paid for commercial advertising. Be it a clinic, auction, or sales type venue etc.  you may post one new topic per week with information about your campaign but must include "paid advertising" in small text after the live link that is added, you may also mention it whenever it is in someone else's topic.
Rescues. You may add a active  link to your personal websites IF you are approved and listed in our Directory and it is in relation to the conversation. note: If you run a government approved non profit Miniature Horse or pony rescue and would like to post links to your rescues Website on our forums please contact me for information to be put on our list of approved rescues.
Link to your new or improved Website.

Link to your horses pedigree on your OWN Website (NOT a sales page) or the All Breed Pedigree Website.
Links to a Mare Stare or other streaming only service for your OWN barn camera feed.
Links to AMHA, AMHR or Pinto websites or articles.
Links to the TheHorse articles.
Links to your own and of public tasteful family rated YouTube videos.
note: these must be added to the photo/video forum or where specified that they are allowed.
Mention and/or links to venues listed at the very top of the Miniature Horse Forum, The Pony Talk forum and The Back Porch under the headline: UPCOMING SALES, AUCTIONS & LATEST NEWS.
For personal fundraisers see below.

Links you may NOT post:

No links or mention of any horses for sale. No links to your or anyone else's Website sales page.
No link or mention of any Upcoming Mini Horse or Pony auction or sale... !!unless you are mentioning a approved/paid advertising campaign currently running on LBI
<== you will know this by seeing the venue listed at the very top of the Miniature Horse Forum, The Pony Talk forum and The Back Porch under the headline: UPCOMING SALES, AUCTIONS & LATEST NEWS.  Please do discuss those.
! No link to anything  that is posted on EBay or Craigs List<==clarification: you may mention and discuss mini horse or pony related info. about posts you see on EBay and Craigs list but you may NOT post a address or add a link to it.
No links or mention of any other "like" Mini Horse or pony community site..No solicitation to join other Websites or communities.
No links directly to any closed group that would require people to sign up for a membership in order to see your photos or to see article content such as Yahoo Groups, Facebook, My Space or any site that requires a person to have an account with them...The only exception to this rule at this time would be links to TheHorse.coms articles, these are allowed.

! No links to or mention of any personal fundraisers - Any fundraiser Must be Approved First. IF you are in need and turn to a fundraising site such as "go fund me" , "give forward" etc. to raise much needed funds Please contact an Administrator for permission to advertise on our forums or sales boards. Please note: Your fundraiser must be set up to accept a certain dollar amount paid directly to a accredited Veterinarian or University. Please contact an Admin. with the link to your fundraiser and send us a description of your need, the amount you are raising, along with the name, phone, and address of the facility the funds are being sent to when you contact us.  Our Administrator will promptly contact the facility to confirm the information you send to us and in turn contact you to approve or deny your request to advertise your campaign on our sites. 
NO personal fundraising such as a PayPal donation link on your own site with funds directed to your own account - No solicitation for any funds collected to your own account.

YOUR SIGNATURE and SIGNATURE LINK CONTENT - Any links/url addresses provided in this area may be used to direct viewers to< your own personal website only. You may NOT post links to websites not owned by you, nor to websites that are sales/non-free services sites or sites that require others to register and/or sign up to view..
You are allowed only one link/url address in your signature.  This will be a link to the main entry page of your site, and not a direct link to your sales/business page.
For example: The link needs to be Lil Beginnings (linked to ) and NOT Lil Beginnings (which is directly linked to a sales page such as
*The only exception to this rule, is if you want to add ONE additional link to one of our approved 501 c3 Rescues listed in our farm directory.

If you do not have a personal Website and/or prefer your one link to be a email address you may choose this -However let me warn you that adding your email address on public forum posts will be a easy way for spam bots to harvest your email and lead to a possible increase in your spam email.

     You also may not list or mark any specific horses or products for sale in any area of your signature, whether through a link or not.
Please use our popular FREE LB Sale Board to list your personal Miniature Horse and Pony related ads.  ** The only exception to this rule is for the Craft Forum. Members on the craft forum may mention that they sell their own hand made wares and may post a link to their own Website or Etsy Store.

No advertisement text or sales in your signatures NOR in your avatars.

IMAGES within Signature Area - No images are allowed in the signature area.  Images are allowed ONLY in the avatar area of each personal account. Also, absolutely no posting of pictures that are not yours. If you do not personally own them, do not post them without permission - no exceptions!

Absolutely no posting of pictures that are not yours -OR pictures of any animal that is not yours. If you do not personally own them, do not post them without permission - no exceptions!

IMPORTANT - Do Not post pictures of horses you do not own!

Photos that are welcomed on the Main Forum:

  1. Photos announcing NEW foals and updated photos of foals

  2. Photos announcing NEW horse purchases.

  3. Photos announcing CURRENT show wins.

  4. Any photo that pertains to an INFORMATIONAL questions such a COLOR, CONFORMATION, or an INFORMATIONAL question about a particular horse.

  5. Your newly clipped minis.

Examples of other informational photos.....

  • Does my mare look pregnant?

  • What is this on my horses eye?

  • Does this horses feet look properly trimmed?

  • Is this horse harnessed properly?

Not considered informational and belongs on the Photo Forum.               

  • "Lets see your pinto or lets see your bays" are not considered informational and belongs on the Photo Forum.

  • Pictures around your barn is also not considered informational.

  • Picture of a new pile of shavings or dirt is not considered informational.

All other photos belong on the Picture Forum including general all around fun photos that do not have INFORMATIONAL value.

ADVERTISING/SOLICITATION - Posting on the forums for the sake of advertising your horses or tack  etc. for sale is not allowed (no matter how cleverly your post is worded to try to create that "gray area"!) This also includes, but is not limited to transportation posts. (Wanted posts are allowed on the Wanted sub-forum.) If our moderators feel it is "crossing the line", they will use their own discretion in deleting or editing the post, so please don't push the limits or you may end up losing your post altogether.
There will be No posts directing LBI and/or it's Forum members to, or even mentioning the names of "other" online auctions, sales pages, or upcoming public Miniature Horse Sales that haven't purchased paid advertising through LB. No mentioning "other" sale boards, "other" forums, and/or other  interactive Miniature Horse sites without permission/agreement. Third offence of this violation may result in being banned from further use of the LB Miniature Horse Forums/Sale Boards/The Little Horse Barn Auction and other public places on the web site. 
** The only exception to this rule is for the Craft Forum. Members on the craft forum may mention that they sell their own hand made wares and may post a link to their own Website or Etsy Store.
We suggest you post your personal ads on the
FREE Miniature Horse & Tack Sale Board or purchase some Banner Advertising.
Please remember
 for advise on finding and recommending certain items that people are looking for/requesting, it is the many Miniature Horse Tack suppliers and Farms/Ranches that SUPPORT this web site that may have what you/they are looking for, so please suggest one of the Miniature Horse Tack suppliers or Farm/Ranches from the

Members who have paid for commercial advertising, be it a clinic, auction, or sales type venue etc.  may post one link per week with information about their campaign but must include "paid advertising" in small text after the live link that is added.

A Message about Sales Ads/Pitches/Testimonials on the LB Forums

Please follow the following rules about advertising on LB Forums.

LB Forum Miniature, Pony & Donkey Forums - Absolutely NO advertising of ANY type. This includes, but is not limited to, transportation posts. Please use the following popular places to post your ads and/or sale items. Also included is info for the popular, Banner Ads & promotion of Sales & Auctions..

For year-round promotion of your Farm/Business on LB, please consider a Sponsored Listing or Exchanged Link...
               LB Sponsor/Link Info -

Sales & Auction Posts - We at L'il Beginnings wish to be fair to the Sales/Auctions that pay to support the LB web site through their advertising with us. Therefore, it be will up to the sale/auction organizers to advertise their sales on LB. Posts  to auctions without current paid advertising on LB will not be permitted until AFTER the sale. Price lists after the sale will be permitted. Thank you.

One Last thing! - It is encouraged that people post info about non-profit Miniature Horse Club functions and news on the main Miniature Horse Board!!

Thanks so much from your,
L'il Beginnings Forum Team

NO TROLLING - What is a troll? It's a person who posts something which is bound to stir people up and then sits back and watches as dozens of people jump in and start arguing. Sometimes trolls get their friends to join in or post under different names. Generally they will do anything it takes to get attention. If you see a message like this, please try and refrain from replying to it - it may well be locked/deleted anyway. Trolling is further considered one of two things. Either continual running a topic into the ground incessantly, or dragging up old arguments against a specific user/group/ect. long after they're appropriate discussion and targeting them specifically in arguments needlessly. Trolling is the first step towards outright harassment of other members. This is one of the single biggest no-no's in the community. Letting every argument drop isn't always a possibility, but learning when to let things go is a valuable tool, and not just in this community.

IGNORE SPAMMERS - Spam is a blight upon the face of the net. Nobody likes it. However, it is hard to avoid. Despite our best efforts, you will very occasionally see spam on the forums. Complaining about spam in public increases noise, but not signal. It may make you feel better, but it doesn't help. PM a moderator and they will review it for removal. Repetitive posts by one user, or posting a new thread when one is already easily accessible can be considered spam. It's hard enough to let community members easily track this forum as days go on, they don't need to wade through two dozen threads about the same thing every day. Try searching first. ALSO do not post pictures daily! People actually get sick of seeing your horse day-after-day.. Post pictures that are informative.

Board wars. Inflammatory posts and possibly untrue remarks made about this business and/or the activity of our members, moderators, and administrators on other Websites or boards (including LB's many boards) should Not be discussed publically. Please email any one of the administrators here to bring to our attention anything that puts us in a false light. Before you repeat and join in with a tirade...stop and consider the source.  Anyone found to be making inflammatory posts and remarks on other forums or Websites about our business and/or members will be banned from using the Lil Beginnings Website and lose their posting privileges here.  Please note:  In submitting posts or comments online or on social media, it is a good idea to exercise the utmost caution and avoid making any "gray area" statements that could be construed as defamation.  Make sure that you have all of your facts absolutely straight before posting your statement to the internet. Once you have clicked “send,” you can’t take it back. For those that, for whatever reason, feel a need to post negative remarks about this Website on other Websites or forums please note that we are concerned with the safety and activity of our own Community, not other Websites or forums. We are however concerned about our reputation and we will protect this business against slander and written defamation, otherwise known as libel.
If you have a legitimate concern or complaint please direct it to an administrator  through private message or email only – it is not conversation that is acceptable for the boards themselves.
We are here to help and work hard to be fair to everyone so please come to us first with any concern you have.

POST DELETING - LOCKING - It is our policy when the author of a post request that we delete, or lock a post for a certain reason that is (in our opinion) reasonable, we will honor that request.. Just contact one of the moderators with your request.

DO NOT FLAME - Flaming, in the most common sense definition, is saying something negative that will result in more negative response. This is completely and totally unacceptable. It will not be tolerated, and in most cases will be punished severely. Never resort to personal insults, never extend a debate beyond the topic on hand needlessly, and try to avoid patronizing language or any outright hostility directed at a specific person.
Flaming often leads to the trading of insults between members within a certain forum. This is an unfortunate result, as it often throws the discussion of a legitimate topic well off track. Flaming is unfortunately one of the most common breaches of online netiquette. Instead of being considerate of others' viewpoints, "flamers" force their own agendas on other users.

DO NOT FLAME THE STAFF  They have the final say. This forum isn't a democracy. Your vote doesn't always count. They try to please everyone they can, but in the end, they're charged with making this community as enjoyable for as many people as they possibly can. They can not always be right, nor can they please everyone with the decisions made, but they're doing their "jobs" and hopefully we can all agree that they're doing their best to ensure a good community here. If you feel that an egregious oversight has been made, then pm the moderator group. Do not post complaints on the forum.
   A word about our Moderators - Please remember they are Human with feelings too.. They are encouraged to treat everyone fair and equal. Many of the Moderators are valuable volunteers and cannot moderate the forum 24/7, nor read every post. It is appreciated if YOU use the REPORT BUTTON to bring attention any problems to the Moderators.

WARNINGS, USER LOCKING, BANNING - If the Moderation Team feels that a user has "crossed the line"  they will issue the user a private warning. If the warning goes unheeded, further action will be taken. This can be anything from locking the offending user account, to deletion and banning of the user. Action is generally on a case by case basis.

Forum moderation and administrator roles.
It is the administrations discretion where posts go. When we move something from one forum to another, it is done to further conversation in the correct place, and it does not require an explanation.
No personal message will be sent and no explanation will be given as all that does is open it up to debate and the outcome is nothing but frustration for both sides.
It is not permitted to question the staff in a public discussion medium nor via private message. Any attempt to do so will be seen as an attempt to undermine the moderation team and will result in an infraction and removal of the content posted.  Moderators already have a difficult and very time consuming job keeping the forum civilized and orderly. The last thing they need is spend hours defending their actions each time they moderate someone.

A quick pm with a link to the rules will be sent to you if a rule is broken. This is a courtesy to you, no reply is needed. You agree when signing up, to familiarize yourselves with the rules. You, as a member of Lil Beginnings, are responsible for reading the rules and etiquette page, and in doing so, will then understand which rule was broken, that resulted in the removal of your post. If you disagree with a moderator's decision, it is also not acceptable to verbally abuse or harass them, either through the forum or any other form of communication (see board wars above) Any attempt to do so may result in a complete termination of your forums account.

If the report button is used you may or may not receive a pm in reply, but you can be sure a administrator will see it and take care of it.

REPORT - Please report any trouble  and/or concerns by using the report button at the bottom of each post to send a private message to any of the moderators. They are here to listen and act quickly should there be a problem or trouble. NO ONE ELSE will know, nor can see, you have used the report button. Thank you.

*Lil Beginnings Forums are intended for the open exchange of opinions only. Facts and advice must be taken in that context and should not be acted upon without third party verification. The opinions expressed do not represent the opinions of Lil Beginnings, they only represent the views of the members offering their opinions.
*Lil Beginnings and it's moderators are not responsible for the content of the opinions posted. All members, guests and anonymous users are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the forums as noted here. Opinions may be offensive to those who disagree, however attacks on or off of the forum are inappropriate.
It is the management's sole discretion to remove posts or ban individuals from participating in the exchange with or without prior warning.
Opinions are protected free speech and it is the intent of the forums to preserve that freedom.

 47 U.S.C. § 230. Section 230(c)(1) provides immunity from liability for providers and users of an "interactive computer service" who publish information provided by others: No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

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