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Wood chewing - I need new ideas for stopping wood chewers. I've seen the over-the-counter product called "No Chew". Is it really good and effective? Any other ideas? Creosote for some reason is illegal to use here in NJ.

  • We have some friends who raise Mt. Pleasure Horses (I think sort of like Rocky Mt. Horses), and they had miles of wood rail fencing, all being eaten up till they painted diesel over, they say, no more nibbling. I've tried one pepper type spray but it wears off fast and I think the horses get used to it, and it is awful to spray, you have to be careful not to breathe it in! Eww, bitter and hot!!! *LOL*
  • Don't laugh, but I have been using Irish Springs bar soap rubbed on the places where they have been chewing wood. No more chewing!

Preventing Nipping - Just a little tip: I read about in one of our horse magazines, but it seems to help. My 2-year-old stallion likes to nip at me on the way to his shed at feeding time. He will back away from the fence on command and stay back just until I turn my back to take the last few steps into his shed. Then the takes a lunge. I read if you just wave your arm, in back without looking at him, he will think it was his own fault that he got hit. So as he came nearer, I flapped my arms behind my back, without looking. He took a step or two back and let me enter the barn. I feel like a duck waddling my tail, but it works! 


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