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   ID#:  68576  Date posted :May 10 ,2017
   Price:   VARIES
   Ad Type :   Miniature Horses - all sizes
   Country :   U.S.A
   City,State/Province :   ROGERS,AR


My husband has retired and wants to travel, so we need to sell a lot of our miniature horses. We have been raising miniatures since 1995 and have built up a nice herd of quality miniature horses. We are not selling all of our horses, but we want to cut WAY BACK on our numbers, so no reasonable offers will be refused. Here is a partial listing of available horses. Many more are on our website. Many of these are ones we have kept back for ourselves and thus this is the first time they have been offered for sale. Please call, text or e-mail me with any questions. Package Discounts for multiple horse purchases available. All reasonable offers will be considered. Thank you for considering our horses. 



Overo & Tovero PINTOS  Sales List


Pinto Stallions For Sale –


1. * CSF Mark Chestnut, (Joker) AMHR & PtHA, 37.5” tall, 4-1-97, Chestnut Overo pinto, Medicine Hat, Bald face with blue eyes and eye liner, Frame & Sabino overo, Multiple X National and World Champion, Reserve High Point B miniature at Pinto World. $3000.



2. Mini-Go-Round’s Comanche’s Mime, Black with dun (Grulla) Frame overo, Blue eyes, Bald Face. AMHR. 6-8-10. $500,


3. Mini-Go-Round’s Painted Casanova, black tovero pinto, 5-2-05, 32.5”. tobiano & splash white, AMHA/AMHR, Son of  our top HCM Mare & Cheyenne Chief, National Champion producer. $1200.


4. Mini-Go-Round’s Great White Feather, Mostly white Chestnut Tovero Pinto, Bald face with tiny War Bonnet and blue eyes, (Tobiano, Splash white). AMHR, $1250, 6-21-06.


5. Mini-Go-Round’s Cherokee Warrior, AMHA/AMHR, $1200, Chestnut Tovero pinto (Tobiano, splash white), extra wide blaze, blue eyes, 7-5-05. AMHA/AMHR. 


6. * Mini-Go-Round’s Magical Merlin, AMHR, $2250. 4-28-04. Gorgeous Bay Tovero pinto (Tobiano, Splash white, ?Sabino) with big blaze and blue eyes.

7. Mini-Go-Round’s Khemosabi, AMHR, 3-18-08, $1200. 36.25”. Mostly white Bay Tovero Pinto (Tobiano, Splash white, ?Frame). Big Blaze, Blue eyes. Son of black frame mare, Fantasia. 


8. Mini-Go-Round’s Comanche’s Outlaw, AMHR, $1250. 30.75” tall, Blue eyes, Big blaze, 5-6-10. Bay Tovero pinto (Tobiano, Splash white, ?Sabino)


9. Mini-Go-Round’s Bolero Chief, AMHR, $1500, 5-11-07. 32.5”. Gorgeous Black Silver Tobiano Pinto. Definite Show potential!!!


10. Mini-Go-Round’s Blue Eyed Bandit, AMHR, (AMHA over) 5-1-08, $1750. Bay Tovero pinto (Tobiano, Splash white)  with blue eyes, blaze, and ink spots.

11. Mini-Go-Round’s Comanche Bandit, AMHA/AMHR, 4-18-09, $1800.

Bay Tovero pinto (Tobiano, Splash white)  with blue eyes, white snip on nose.


12. Mini-Go-Round’s Comanche’s Alchemist, AMHR, 5-13-10, $2250. Bay Tovero pinto (Tobiano, Sabino) with blue eyes, blaze, and ink spots.



Pinto Mares For Sale –


1. * Mini-Go-Round’s Kaleidoscope, AMHR, 4-20-08. Chestnut medicine hat Tovero pinto –(Frame, Tobiano), Bald face, Blue eyes. $3000.


2. Mini-Go-Round’s Comanche’s Pearl, Mostly white, Bay Tovero pinto –(tobiano, Splash white), 1/2 medicine hat, Bald face with some dark color around right eye, Blue eyes, 6-7-09, AMHR (AMHA oversize) $1500.


3. * Mini-Go-Round’s Lady Monique, AMHA/AMHR, Tiny, 31.5”,

3-12-08. $2500. Bay Roan Overo Pinto (Splash white, Sabino). White snip, blue eyes.


4. Mini-Go-Round’s Juliet Forevermore, 8-19-09, AMHR, Silver dapple Frame Overo Pinto daughter of Cheyenne Chief & Blue Eyed Angel, Granddaughter of Joker. $1800. Bald Apron face, Blue eyes.


5. * Mini-Go-Round’s Razzmatazz, 5-17-08, AMHR (AMHA over), $2000, Chestnut Tovero Pinto (Sabino &Tobiano), Big blaze & Blue eyes, ink spots.


6. * NXS Bold & Blue, AMHA/AMHR, Black with dun (Grulla) Splash white Overo pinto, with bald face and blue eyes. 2-19-02, $3000.


7. * MJ’s Sacred Spirit, AMHR, 6-20-99, $2000. Bay Overo Pinto, Bald Face, Blue eyes, Calico Pattern, (Sabino, Frame, Splash White). 6-20-99. 37.25” tall.


8. Mini-Go-Round’s Faithful Spirit (Faith), AMHR, 7-19-03, Bald face, Blue eyes, Black with dun gene (Grulla) Frame Overo Pinto, $1000. Her right eye was injured in 2012 & is slightly sunken in, but it doesn’t cause her any issues.


9. * Mini-Go-Round’s Blue Eyed Angel, AMHR, $2500, 7-7-01, 35.25. Beautiful Silver Dapple Frame Overo Pinto daughter of Joker. White Apron Face, Blue Eyes.


10. * Mini-Go-Round’s Scarlet O’Vero, AMHR, $2750. 6-30-04. Gorgeous Chestnut Frame Overo Pinto daughter of Joker. Apron Face & Blue eyes.


11. * Mini-Go-Round’s Touch of Fame (Touche’), AMHR, Bay Tovero Pinto (Tobiano-Sabino) daughter of Cheyenne Chief & the Famous CSF PAM TILLIS- only offspring of hers ever offered for sale.  $2000.


12. Mini-Go-Round’s Lil Bit O’Comanche, AMHA/AMHR, 5/15/09, $1500. 33” tall. Mostly white Bay Tovero pinto (tobiano, splash white) with blue eyes, and blaze. 

13. * NXS Picture This Framed (Fantasia), 4-10-00, GORGEOUS, Black Frame Overo pinto, Apron face, Blue eyes, Loud, well marked Frame pattern. May also carry Sabino Overo as well. 37.5” tall. $3500.

14. Kamelot’s Kalipso, AMHR & PtHA, 6-16-99, 34” . Show mare, $2000. Chestnut Tovero Pinto (Tobiano, Sabino, Splash White).

15. Windy Wood’s Daisy Wrabbit, AMHA/AMHR, 33” tall. Palomino Overo pinto, (Frame, Splash white, Sabino) Calico pattern, Bald Face, Blue eyes. 3-12-03, $2250.

16. Lad’s Pocahontas, AMHR (AMHA over), 7-12-00, $1500. Chocolate Silver Dapple Tovero Pinto (Tobiano, Splash white), with one blue eye and one brown eye, Big white snip on nose.



Shetland Mares For Sale –


1.  NXS Van-Lo’s Imagine That, Maggie, ASPC, 5-28-01, $1200. Sorrel Overo Pinto (Frame, Splash white, Sabino) , Medicine Hat, Bald face, Blue eyes. 37” tall. 

2. MGR’s Stunning In Lace, Lacie, ASPC, 5-23-07, $1200. She is a loud chestnut sabino & splash white out of our shetland champion producer, CSF Garth Brooks and our loud bay shetland overo mare, Bridget. 

3. MGR’s Over-ly Stunning, Bridget, ASPC, 5-28-00, $1200. LOUD marked Bay Splash White Overo Pinto; possibly Sabino and/or frame also. Bald face, Medicine Hat, Blue eyes. 44.5” at withers.





Shetland Stallions For Sale –


1. CSF Garth Brooks, ASPC & PtHA, 5-11-92, 42.75” at withers. $1200. Sorrel Tovero Pinto (Tobiano, Sabino, ?Splash white) Calico pattern. Sire of Multiple National Champions including the famous CSF Pam Tillis! He is featured in Pat Elder’s “Outstanding Shetlands” Book, 2008-09.  1998 ASPC Top Ten All Star Stallion.


2. MGR’s Braveheart, ASPC, 7-10-05, $1200. Son of CSF Garth Brooks & MGR’s Over-ly Stunning. Mostly white Chestnut Tovero Pinto (Splash White, Tobiano, possibly homozygous for splash) Stallion. All white Face, Blue Eyes.



* First Time Offered For Sale.


*** Please NOTE none of the horses have been White Color Pattern tested. Above descriptions are based on visual inspection, parentage, and/or foals produced and my best guess.


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