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   Gorgeous Lee Land Unique DAUGHTER for sale!
   ID#:  68915  Date posted :Dec 27 ,2017
   Price:   N/A
   Ad Type :   ASPC/AMHR Registered Horses
   Country :   U.S.A
   City,State/Province :   Graham,WA

Wa-Full Unique Rena is a 2012 Bay ASPC/AMHR mare measuring approximately 36".  She is sired by none other than Lee Land Unique, making her paternal sister to many champions.  Her dam is a Budwiser daughter.  Rena produced a gorgeous, small colt this year sired by Sundance LB Assured (sire to many national/world champions INCLUDING SMO Bolero De Suerte).  Her colt looks like he is on track to mature A size!  Rena is straight and correct with a great hip, smooth body, and long neck.  She was an easy breeder/ foaler.  She is currently open for 2018, however, a breeding to Sundance LB Assured could be discussed.  Her 2017 black ASPC/AMHR (and possibly AMHA hardshippable) colt will also be available.  We are looking to bring in some new lines!  We would consider trading for the right colt.  See the information below!  Please email us for Rena's and/or her colt's price.  We are of course interested in selling her outright as well.  We may consider very short term payments, however, we do not allow horses to leave our property until paid in full and because it is winter, a small board fee will also apply until she is paid off.  We are not interested in leasing.

We have retained several daughters of Sundance LB Assured and are considering adding an exceptional show/breeding quality colt to our small herd.  Here is our list of must haves, please do not email us colts who do not fit this description!  We will be extremely particular about the colt we add to our herd. 

"Must haves" include:

1.  LWO- (must be lab tested)
2.  Guaranteed under 34" at maturity (easy measure by a regular, non-talented measurer!)
3.  ASPC/AMHR/AMHA, will consider ASPC/AMHR (again, only maturing at or under 34" and easily hardshippable!), might consider the right A/R colt.
4.  Big hip.
5.  At least a yearling, we would like to show the colt before he starts his breeding career. 
6.  Both testicles dropped.
7.  We will require current, casual pictures, I am not interested in professional photos alone, and I will expect to see all sides and bite photos.  We will also require current video and a current measurement.


Colors other than sorrel, gray or silver.   Prefer solid with chrome, but will consider pinto.

We know this is a big list but we are in no hurry whatsoever.  We are looking for the right fit for our small, select herd. 

We are also accepting a couple of outside mares for breeding to Sundance LB Assured.  "Sun" is ASPC/AMHR/AMHA and an HONEST, easy to measure 34".  Sun is extremely refined with a gorgeous head, huge poppy eyes, trim barrel, great neckset, and he's a very pretty mover as well.  He has sired may world/national champions and is the SIRE to SMO Bolero De Suerte, owned by Alliance.  Sun throws small, refined foals with his beautiful head and smooth body and all of them love to show! 

Please email us for more information, or feel free to visit our website.  Pictured below is Rena as well as her 2017 colt.

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