Listing Agent Policy for posting on 
Lil Beginnings Free Miniature Horse & Tack Sale Board

By request, Lil Beginnings offers "Listing Agent License's". This license allows you to post on the popular Free Sale Board horse(s) that are not personally owned by yourself but are in mutual agreement with the owner of the horse(s), be it a close friend or client. The "listing agent" takes full responsibility in any transaction made through Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse & Tack Sale Board. Should a negative transaction (complaint to us at Lil Beginnings) result from a listing agent's ad, we reserve the right to revoke the Listing Agent's license to post on Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse & Tack Sale Board.

You do not qualify as a Listing Agent if you intend to promote other commercial internet message/sale boards, public multi-party sales lists, on-line auctions, and commercial web-site promotions and auctions (other then The Little Horse Barn Auction) on the Internet. In other words, you are only using the popular Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse & Tack Sale Board for friend/clients horses that are personally known by you.  If you wish assistance in commercial promotions, please e-mail us at or see this page.

This listing agent license is perfect for you If...
you are helping a friend sell their horses,
you are a Webmaster who helps promote your farm and ranch clients personal horses and items for sale,
you are a trainer who promotes clients horses for sale, and there may be some other instances where this license would apply. We will look at each inquiry before accepting.

Also you must agree to follow the basic rules of Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse & Tack Sale Board.. 

DURATION OF ADS - Ads are up for 10 days.. Do not repeat the same ad within 11 days. (please do not circumvent this rule by deleting your ad.) IF you are also a paid directory member your listing agent license will include Featured ads, these are up for 30 days and during that time you May also post a free ad every 11 days.

COMBINE ADS - Combine all your horse/item ads into ONE single ad if possible. 

SIZE OF PHOTOS - Ads that cause problems because pictures are too wide, will be removed.

BAD SCRIPTSSometimes bad script codes (by trying to post pictures and links, also pasting rich text with tables) cause total shutdown of people's web-browsers. Should I be aware of a bad script causing a problem, I will remove the message from the sale board.  We will NOT notify the owner of the bad script post, so if you notice you have a message missing, it is because of web-browser conflicts (or possibly not following our sale board rules). Please post your message again with the proper script. 

DISCLAIMER - Lil Beginnings Miniature Horses is not responsible for any sales, losses or misrepresented ads made through the Sale Board (also see Lil Beginnings web-site policy below **). Lil Beginnings Miniature Horses is not responsible for any losses or other damages which may result from the transactions you may make through the complete Lil Beginnings Miniature Horses web site, which includes the Sale Board. We act only as a source of contact between buyer and seller.


To become a Listing Agent, you must agree to all of the above and write in your e-mail to me as follows.. 

"I have read and agree to the Listing Agent Policy for Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse & Tack Sale Board"

E-mail your statement to (Debby B.) at and I will assign you a number.

Listing Agents will be assigned a number which must be posted at the TOP of your ads when posting horses and tack other then your own.. 

Once you are approved as a Listing Agent and receive your Listing Agent #, you agree to Pay a $50.00 fee (good for 1 year) to post as many ads needed for your personal friends or clients.

We accept debit/credit cards via PayPal, please submit payment via link above or to email address: -

Please write "Listing agent yearly fee" on your payment, thank you!


 Approved Listing Agents



2016 - 2018

  1. Bowens Design #742

  2. Jessica Matheson #600

  3. Shawna Holt #700

  4. Lois Simmons #1002

  5. *Marcy Barber #800 -expires 5.5.14 -EXPIRED

  6. *Margot E Spangenberg #801  expires 9.15.13 -EXPIRED


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