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Installation  Instructions

How To Setup Your L'il Beginnings Top Sites Listing

Step 1 - Click "Join Us!"
Step 2 - Installing the code you receive on your web site.
Step 3 - How it works
Step 4 - How to optimize your ranking

Step 1
Join our LB Top Sites list. This can be done through clicking the "Join us!" link in the left hand side or top navigation bar. From there you will be taken to the registration page where you can enter your information and your web site's detail then press submit.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes on the registration page after pressing the submit button there is a error message. If you get this error do not backspace, REFRESH your page and re-enter the information. Please note the security code - if it is the same then your computer cache did not refresh, the page has to be refreshed and you must start again with a new page. Also please remember that when you enter the URL for your banner that the http:// is already in the box so either do not enter that again when you paste your URL in there, or remove it before you do to keep from having 2 there. I recommend that you leave the box to enter your own banner url as is until after joining and receiving your code, at that time please go back login to your account and add your banner.

Once you submit your site you should be redirected to a page with some code written on it  similar to this:

<a href="http://www.lilbeginningstopsites.com/in.php?id=x">
<img src="http://www.lilbeginningstopsites.com/button.php?id=your_ID_here" border="0"></a>

It is important that you take note of the ID that you have been assigned which will be listed in the code you have just received, it will be needed if you wish to edit any of your site details.

Step 2
Installing your html code.  You should have received the new button code that you will have been assigned upon registration. You also will receive this code via email.

PLEASE NOTE: A known issue we have had is from members who have their email clients set to receive text only instead of rich text format or html. If you receive email this way and try to use the code that is generated and then sent to you via email, as opposed to copying the code as soon as you get it, then your email client will be adding these >>>>> down the side of your email. If so you will copy these when you retreive your code from it and it will NOT work. If you have a problem please log in to your account and copy the code from there. If you have a webmaster on retainer, you may want to give him/her access to your account so they can get the correct code. You cannot save the vote banner as a jpg then hyperlink to it, copy the code exactly as you receive it into the html of your page, the code generates the photo itself.

That said now you will need to place the code onto your website in order to begin being ranked.
I will use my own code here as an example:

Example Of The Insert Code you will receive

<a href="http://www.lilbeginnings.com/topsites/">
<img src="http://www.lilbeginnings.com/topsites/button.php?u=dbowen" alt="Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse Top Sites powered by Aardvark 5.0 php / Bowens Design" border="0" />

Image Of How It will Look on your site
Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse Top Sites powered by Aardvark 5.0 php  /   Bowens Design

Copy and paste your code into your web site where ever you would like it to be, save your page and upload it.

Step 3 - How it works.

After the installation of your LB Top Sites button code the LB Top Sites should begin recording your stats, they will be displayed on the the LB Top Sites along with an improving ranking. Your ranking will take a few days to gain an accurate average unique visitor count. Your page should steadily progress up the ranks until it reaches that point.

* Please note that you may wish to place your LB Topsites button code on more than one, if not all of your pages so you gain the most exposure for your site.

What's the difference in "page views" and "in" or "out", what's "unique" mean, and why is there a decimal point?
"Page views" is how many times each member has shown the Top Site “Vote” button on their site, it does not have to be clicked on to count.
"In" is how many clicks each member has sent here to the Top Site.
"Out" is how many clicks the Top site has sent to the member.
"Unique" is how many Unique people have visited your site and viewed the Top Sites vote banner. "Unique" means different IP addresses, if you continually vote for yourself that will be counted as "Pageviews", the unique count in your stats is the number of different IP addresses who visit your site.
The decimal point is there because you are recording an average visitors count.
Is this Top Site script counting the numbers of hits out and in of the members sites, or out of the Top Sites?
It counts the hits in from the member sites to the Topsite, and the hits out from the Topsite to the members sites.

When a visitor to your sites clicks on the LB Vote banner and enters or Top Site they then have the option of clicking on your "Stats" link. By clicking on any stats link a visitor may "Rate" your site by giving it from 1 to 5 stars.
While in the stats area a visitor may also "Review" your site, they may leave a text review there for you and all to read.
Rankings and Ratings are recorded immediatley. Reviews have to be approved before being shown and are done so once a week.

Step 4 - Optimizing Your Ranking
Now that you have set up your LB Top Sites button code and are hoping to achieve the highest rank possible there are a couple of little tips here that will enable you to achieve you best ranking.

The L'il Beginnings Top Sites ranks sites on the basis on the number of unique visitors they receive on average per day. This means that for every person that comes and visits your site and sees your vote button and uses it each click will be counted on our top site.  Knowing this *we recommend that you place your LB Top Sites button code on as many if not all the pages of your site, this will enable you to receive the most unique visitors that are counted on the top site. Not all your visitors will visit one singular page of your site, so we recommend that you add your Vote code to every page.

Secondly we recommend that you place your LB Top Sites button higher on your page rather than lower, due to when a page loads it loads from the top down, meaning that if you want to achieve maximum amount of visitor exposures you want to make sure the banner loads before your visitor clicks a link to another page or closes the page all together.

Thirdly obviously you need to have people coming to your site so you need a quality web site that people want to come back to once they have found it.  We here at Bowens Design believe that the best way of achieving this is through good, quality content and very importantly an ad free web site. Your business is worth the expense of an ad free host.

We hope that this page has helped you with any problems you may be having or have had installing your button code, we hope that your stay here at L'il Beginnings Topsites is an enjoyable one.

Design Service

Banner Designs

Banner Design is available if you may need it. Required sizes are 200X60 for our Top Sites FREE listings, and 432X77 for our Top Five.
Prices are on our
"LB TopSites "Top Five" and Banner Design information" page,
over on your top left in our page navigation.

Email me with what you'd like and I'll invoice you and we'll go from there.