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    LB Top Sites "Top Five" & Banner Information
Welcome to Lil Beginnings Top Sites, an integral part of “THE” most popular Miniature Horse & Tack site on the web. We are popular because YOU are popular; our success comes from helping you promote your business.

Lil Beginnings Top Sites is FREE to join!
Come join us by adding your farm, ranch, or any mini/shetland pony related business and watch your traffic increase when you become a part of our community.

 We hope you take advantage of this another great advertising tool.

If you have any questions, problems etc. contact me directly by clicking on any "contact" link that is available on all pages.

Top 5 advertising space is a available option
Five monthly banners are available for $15.00 each.
 The five (5) available monthly banners, which will be placed above our Top Sites free listings, will be visible on every page.

If you would like your farm, ranch, or any mini/shetland pony related business featured here as a LB Top Sites "Top Five" simply click my contact button above, or to the left of this page, and drop me an email that includes the following.

  • Your name.

  • Your business name.

  • Url to where your banner is stored

  • Url to your web.

  • Month/s you would like to reserve.

  • Your PayPal address

Honored on a first come first serve basis.  I will submit to you a confirmation of your ad for your requested month along with instructions on where and how to submit payment and/or a PayPal money request for payment, which is due upon receipt. banners will be listed in the order they are sold on the page.

Required banner size is 432 X 77 pixels; additionally banners will be optimized as fast loading small files not to exceed 20,000 bytes. The 200x60 size for your free listings must not exceed 9,000 bytes.
 * Thank you for your patronage. Debby

Design Service
Thank you so much for your business! Debby

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