What's in your marketing plan?

Do you offer mini horses/ponies for sale? have tack for sale?
How do you drive visitors to your Website?
Do you have a Website?
If you are serious about your equine business you will eventually need a way to market your horses for sale. If this applies to you then I'm sure you have a Website to represent your farm/ranch/business, most importantly you keep the information on your Website current.

Your Website will speak volumes about your business, it does not have to be fancy or expensive but it does need to be current. Without current information and photos you are better served advertising only your business card and have a sales list with photos ready to send to people who inquire.
It's actually better to have no website at all than to have one that makes your business look bad.

When you are looking to buy horses what impresses you? The Website that says "Look at us, we take our equine business seriously, our horses are presented clean and fit and our information on them is complete and current!" or,, "Look at us, we're on c-list or have a photo gallery we sell from... I surfed around mid Summer 2016 and found Websites with these old announcements: "presenting our 2009 (and earlier) line-up!" and 2011 and 2012 foals arriving now :o(   On the sales page I saw many horses for sale that are now 2 and 3 years old ( and up ) but listed as unnamed and selling registration pending....
One of the hot topics the last few years is "when will the market pick back up". Look no further than your own marketing plan!
 A good well conformed, and well presented horse will still bring a good price today - A well run equine business will still command a good price for it's stock.
Driving people to YOUR personal space to view what you have for sale is paramount in this industry.

So..what is in your marketing plan? If you don't advertise on Lil Beginnings let me tell you why you should.

The vast Lil Beginnings informational community established in 1997 which includes our Miniature Horse Talk forums  averages well over 2,500 visits per day from not only the United States, Mexico, and Canada, also Great Britain, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, France...on and on.
Every time someone visits the U.S. sales board 6 small and 2 large new banners are shown... when someone clicks to view a description on our sales board?.a new set of 2 large banners and 6 small banners are loaded. Every time someone clicks to read and/or reply to a forum post..new sets of banners are loaded!

It takes a dedicated team to run this business. The LB Team, all long time successful members of the Miniature Horse community, put their experience to work every day... from helping a person dreaming about their first mini to helping someone expecting their first foal, we welcome you, we share your joy, we cry with you, we know all the long time breeders, we welcome new farms, enjoy seeing your foals and your sales and eventually we help advertise your dispersals. We've all been there in your place and we're here to help you now.

Miniature Horse Talk Forums. Our forum moderators are in charge of making your visit friendly and informative, we do not allow out right bashing, you can post your opinions without any overly nasty comments directed towards you. Our members monitor the foaling forum and are dedicated to help you with all aspects of your foaling journey! Experienced breeders frequent our forums and have helped many people bring a foal into this world late at night. Lil Beginnings is owned and run by Miniature Horse people who are experienced in all aspects of buying, critiquing, breeding, foaling, showing, and training. We are always happy to help point you in the right direction.

Our contest coordinator keeps things FUN! by running bi-monthly contests where you can win prizes!

We are dedicated to this industry and strive to bring you all the AMHA and ASPC/AMHR latest News.

We give back to our members by keeping the ♥Lil Beginnings Web site community updated to provide ease of use for your content by constant script updates and paid technical assistance. We not only provide FREE automated sales and transportation boards, we advertise in all the related print publications as well as make extensive use of search engine optimization and promotion on social media.  
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We Feature "you" - OUR MEMBERS in our advertising. Lil beginnings is all about promoting our members businesses.

We work hard to get your advertising but we work harder to keep it by advertising FOR YOU! which in turn drives customers to view your sales offerings. This is our dedication to you.

Getting back to our stats.. averaging well over 100 visits PER HOUR, having your advertising banner, or text, rotating on our sale boards, forums, member directory, home page, and membership page, is a valuable advertising tool for you.
Traffic for us = Exposure for you!

Our advertising banners are NOT oversold.

No more then 6 are sold per month.
^When you purchase a large rotating banner you will have at least
*1 in 3 exposure !! <= banners are shown in groups of 2 on our U.S. sale board and our Miniature Horse Talk forum pages.

No more than 12 are sold per month.
^When you purchase a small rotating banner you will enjoy at least
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^ When you purchase a banner in our Top 5 on the original and very popular Lil Beginnings Top Sites OR on our main info. page No more than 1 is sold per month. <= these are static banners, so you are *guaranteed 24/7 exposure!

^ Lil Beginnings offers only 1 (one) LARGE 750x440  STATIC advertisement on it's entire Web site! Located on the main page this exposure is prestigious and unequaled in value due to the
*24/7 monthly exposure it will contribute to your advertising campaign. This spot INCLUDES a large rotating banner AND a 30 day Feature ad. for even more hits to your content.

We also offer Featured ads on our L O N G running and wildly popular Sales Board! For the U.S. board you can feature your ad. for 30 days for only $15.!! Click here for information.  A rotating Feature ad. is also shown on our Home page, Membership page, Small Horse Connect main page & on our Miniature Horse Talk forum main page.
A link to the complete Featured Ad static page is shown on every forum page.

and Don't forget we offer unbeatable advertising on our Canadian and International Sales boards as well as a Transport Connect board!

Are we included in your marketing plan?
Nowhere else will you find this specialized exposure for the Miniature Horse and Pony industry!

If  BEING SEEN is in your marketing plan - We deliver results!!
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Finally - last but certainly not least we offer a membership in the oldest Miniature Horse & Pony farm membership directory on the Web!!!
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Are YOU Connected?

We can't make people buy your horse, tack or product but we CAN make sure they see it!!!

Don't get lost in the crowd - We do NOT oversell, we don't overwhelm you with ads. on our pages.
We offer only a set amount of ad. space on our pages and that is reserved by our Small Horse Connect members first.

Consider your advertising budget and use it to it's best advantage by advertising on Lil Beginnings today!!!

Email me if you'd like help putting a advertising campaign in place. Paid or free we're happy to help you.

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