Foaling Out Mares

By Mona Stone - Last Chance Miniatures

OK, in this first sequence, it shows the mare sniffing the straw where the "waters" have leaked out and landed. You can see the "white bubble" here that REO referred to. This SHOULD be the FIRST thing you see. In the second pic, it shows the mare down and pushing, still only the bag of waters showing.

Now in this next sequence, the foal can be seen making it's way into the world. The first pic shows only the 2 front feet. (NOTE: Notice how they are positioned, one slightly in front of the other...this is so the shoulders are slightly angled, to make delivery easier when passing through the pelvis. Also, notice that the bottoms of the foals hooves are facing downward...this is the PROPER position! If hooves are facing upward, the foal is in the wrong position and will need to be turned.) The second pic shows the feet, now followed by the nose. The third pic shows where I broke the sac, while trying to help get the foal out. I ended up helping to deliver this foal, so I never got any more pics in between this and the completed delivery...sorry! Of course, the last pic is just after the birth.

This is another sequence that shows a little closer up, just what the first part of the foal arriving into the "bubble" looks like, and how it looks when almost completely out. Picture #1 is just the bubble, #2 is the first part of the hoof, and the last 2 are the foal, fully delivered, but still with some of the sac on her. I had to help deliver this foal also, so missed pics in the sequence here too. Oh well, I tried! I just hope these pics may be helpful to some of our readers, and first time "Moms" out there this year. You are welcome to copy these pics for your personal records, but please do not use them on any websites etc., without my permission. Thanks!




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