Miniature Horse Fetus Development

0-49 Days
No photos available
At this stage of development, the the fetus is absorbed and not aborted.  

Very rare to find!
33-42 Day fetus
Still in sack 3"
Photo courtesy of Oak Park Miniatures

50 Day fetus
Left: 1 1/2"
Photo courtesy of Quarter Moon Farm

Right: Still in Sac
Photo courtesy of C-Spots Miniature Horses

55-60 Day fetus
1 3/4" long
Photo courtesy of Hilliard Horses to Hug  

60 Day Fetus
3 1/2 inches long
Courtesy of Kickapoo Miniatures

76 Days (2.5 months)
4.25" long
Photo courtesy of Carla Ross  

90 Days (3 or 3.5 months)
7.5" long
Photo courtesy of SH Miniature Horses  

90-100 Days (3 or 3.3 months)
(Deformed, intestines outside of body, likely cause of abortion)
Photo courtesy of Willowell Farms

112 Days (3.5 months)
Photo courtesy of Tiny Mites Village  

90-120 Days
8-9" long
Photo courtesy of Lucky C Acres Miniature Horses  

120 Days (4 months)
8 3/4" long
4 3/4" tall, 1" cannon bone
Photo courtesy of C-Spots Miniature Horses  

133 Days  
9" long
Photo courtesy of Whimsical Farm  

138 Days (4 1/2 months)
Chest to tail: 6.75";
Head to tail: 11"
Top of withers to bottom of hoof: 6";
Cannon bone: 1"
Dam 30"  Sire 27.75"
Courtesy of Chaos Ranch  

138 Days (4.5 months) (approx.)
Approx. 10" head to tail
Courtesy of End Level Farms

150 Days (5 months)
approx. 10" long
Photo courtesy of SevenAcres Farm  


150 days (5 months)
14-14.5" head to tail
6" from chest to tail
Mare coliced severly & twisted intestines, passed away, in the process she aborted colt.
Photo courtesy of Creta Hills Farm

154 Days (5 months)
4" long
Cause of abortion:
Snakebite to face & medication Dexamethasone
Photos courtesy of Southern Heart Ranch  

169 Days (5.6 months)
Photo courtesy of Chaos Ranch  

190 Days (6 months)
Photo courtesy of Dream Mountain Miniatures  

190 Days (6 months)
Photo courtesy of Mieke Benders
The Netherlands

193 Days (approx. 6.43 months) 15" long
8.5" tall, 2.5" cannon bone
Mare aborted placenta intact (first photo, above left),
owner broke open, fetus still in amniotic sac (second photo above right).
Photo courtesy of Charmed Miniatures

Approx. 210 Days (7 months) 16.5" long
Mare had difficulty passing fetus, may have been out
of position and the reason from dark spots on shoulders and forehead.
Experienced broodmare, 30.5" tall, stallion 34",
reason for abortion unknown. Mare prolapsed uterus following day and was retired from breeding.  

7 months ? (approx?)
Mare bred 5/1/08-6/1/08
aborted end of Jan 2009
Photo courtesy of Kim Shawyer

7 months, 10 days (approx 220 days) 14" long, 10 lbs.
Filly died in utero, covered with fine hair (not visible),
body decomposing, plancenta brown. Necropsy reported no conclusion as to cause of death.
Courtesy of Quarter Moon Farm  

269 Days
19" tall
Filly, no abnormalities, except black area of infarct on
placenta, due to mare's illness, where is was separating from several days before.
Photo courtesy of Lyn Jacobs at L and K Miniatures  

9 months (approx 275 days)
Colt, necropsy report found mare's placenta was thin.
The mare aborted colt one day after 9 month Pnuemabort-K vaccination..
Courtesy of The Crabby Chicken Ranch  

287 Days
Filly looked normal for gestation length. Mare did retain some pieces of placenta.
Courtesy of WW Miniature Horse Farm  

9 1/2 months (approx 290 days)
Red bag delivery with no bag development, no cause found.
Courtesy of SevenAcres Farm  

296 Days (approx 9.8 months)
Found in sac, possible red bag or twisted cord.
Courtesy of Willow Roc Miniature Horse Farm

307 Days (10.2 months)
Found frozen behind the barn, other years the mare had foaled around 330 days.
(probably a viable foal).
Photo Courtesy of Willow Roc Miniature Horse Farm

10 1/2 months (approx. 315-320 days)
Buckskin/pinto colt, aborted/stillborn, necropsy showed he never breathed oxygen.
Could have had cord wrapped around neck or birthing trauma, no way to tell which it was.
Courtesy of Quarter Moon Farm  

Approx 326 Days (10 months)
Normal, healthy colt.
33.75" Dam (same as colt below), 28.5" Sire
Courtesy of Crayonbox Miniatures  

Approx 331 Days (11 months)
Normal, healthy filly, 19"; tall at birth, 6" cannon bone
"Crayonbox Idle Superstition"
33.75"; dam (same as colt above), 30.5"  Sire.
Courtesy of Crayonbox Miniatures  

Approx 340 Days (11 months)
Normal, healthy colt, 22"; tall at birth..
"Crayonbox Spotless Perfection"
33.75"; dam (same as colt and filly above), 34"  Sire.
Courtesy of Crayonbox Miniatures


A Special Thank you to:

This Page Compiled by Kim Landis of Crayonbox Miniature Horses - donated to the Lil Beginnings archives Jan. 2014


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