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So Chic Miniatures in France 

Miniature Horse care including selection, size, feeding, showing, clipping etc.

The mini horse and pony information on these pages are a ongoing collection of topics that were gathered through the years, mainly from LB Forums. Please remember to use this advice and information on these pages as a guideline, as it is only an opinion from other Miniature horse owners. In issues regarding health, always contact your veterinarian.

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Also be sure to look on... "Best of Miniature Horse Forum"! Tons of info there! AND... see the special forum we had on Dwarfism in Miniature Horses by John Eberth

NEW ARTICLES by Allison Rosauer
Stars Miniature Show Horses



Show Prep

Facial & Fine Clipping Chart

See Articles by Laura Tennill
                         Ten-L Training Center

Selection & Training of a Driving Horse

Show Clipping your Miniature Horses Head

Razoring Your Miniature Horse's Face

Info For New Owners

Buying horses via the Internet

General Miniature Horse Care & Info

To tell the age of a horse by teeth (poem)


Show Clipping your Miniature Horses Head

Razoring Your Miniature Horse's Face

Training to show in halter

Clipping Tips


Feeding Miniature Horses
Keeping Miniature Horses healthy by managing diet.
alories in feeds (chart)

Blister Beetle in Alfalfa
Weight Calculator


Teach Your Mini To Lunge

Worming & Vaccination 
Recommended Equine Vaccination Schedule
Dose Calculator


Driving the Miniature Horse

Difference of country & pleasure

General Health page 1

Your horse's vital signs (link)

Dwarfism in Mini horses (link)

Horse Health Links (links)

Toxic plants for horses

Danger - plastic bags


Colic emergencies


Wood chewing

Preventing Nipping


General Care

Coat condition - Shine

Cold weather & Minis

Trimming hooves

Making horse drink water


General Health page 2

Your Horse's Bone Structure 

Little Magic Shoes - Correction shoes for Minis

Hyperlipemia - quick & deadly

BUTE vs BANAMINE use in Minis

Quick Review of Horse Diseases

 The Color Of Our Horses

Great sites on horse color (links)

AMHA Coat Color Abbreviations

General Health page 3

Equine Dental Anatomy  

Horse's Age by Teeth - 2 poems

General Health page 4

Hoof Care

Tips& Tricks
   A collection of Tips & Tricks from our visitors of the Miniature Horse Forum

Breeding Horses

Foaling Signs (link)

Cyberfoal 2000 (link)

Prediction of foaling dates

Stallion not interested in breeding

Getting & keeping mares in foal

RedBag delivery (placenta previa)

Finding the right stud service



Mini Poll Results (link)

Barn Plans (link)

Historical Mini Stallions (link)

Free Pedigree Chart Generator (link)

Miniature horse growth chart

Weighing Your Mini

Homemade Fly Traps

Homemade fly spray & wipe

Horse cookies & cake

AMHA/AMHR registry difference

Funny - top 12 proven cures


Breeding Horses II

Foaling Sequence - Graphic photo story

Foaling Out Mares - article

Breast Pump for Minis - homemade

Testing the RH factor in foals

Joint Ill


Preparing yourself for the birth of your foal - page 1


Preparing yourself for the birth of your foal  - page 2


Preparing yourself for the birth of your foal  - page 3

The Miniature Horse: More Than Just a Smaller Horse


Miniature Horse Fetal Development


Red Bag Birth or Placenta Previa in Miniature Horses

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We wish to thank many of the people that have shared their experiences & knowledge with others on Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse Forum and others that have allowed me to post their articles. To the best of my knowledge permission was been given for everything shared here..Other articles on these pages that have been reproduced, credit is given and a link is posted to your site when we know the author. Please forgive us if we did not give full credit for these wonderful articles when using them for news letters and so on. If we have used something of yours that you would like removed please let me know.

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